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Our Products :- Sunizol Compressor Oil Zed Plus Greases Compressor Oil Engine Oil Maltigrade Gear Oil And Transmission Oil Two Stroke Engine Oil Gear Oil & Transmission Oils Two Stroke Engine Oils Starter Oil Heat Transfer Fluid Rubber Processing Oil Quenching Oil (Tempering Oil) Cutshrol Bitzol Zerol Refrigeration Oil 32-46-68 Hydraulic Oil 32-46-68-100-150-220 Soluble Cutting Oil Vacuum Oil High Power 2 T Engine Oil Transformer Oil-tested
All types of Greases Manufacturer.
Refrigeration Oil 32-46-68 We have in stores the best-in-class Refrigeration Oils. Formulated to accuracy, this products is in conformance with the stringent quality parameters of the industry. These offered products are specifically meant to refrigeration and air-condition.
Compressor Oil Compressor Oil 32-46-68. N.68: Leading the way in refrigeration lubricants. Zed Plus grades are formulated from specially selected lube base strokes to provides low pour point, low floc point, dryness good chemical stability and ready solubility in liquefied refrigerant.
Engine Oil Item Code: EO01 Most new engines today use less than half a quart of oil in 3, 000 to 5, 000 miles. Some use almost no oil. But as the miles accumulate, wear and oil consumption naturally go up. Using a quart of oil every 1, 000 to 1, 500 miles is not unusual for a high mileage engine.