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Our Products :- Sunizol Compressor Oil Zed Plus Greases Compressor Oil Engine Oil Maltigrade Gear Oil And Transmission Oil Two Stroke Engine Oil Gear Oil & Transmission Oils Two Stroke Engine Oils Starter Oil Heat Transfer Fluid Rubber Processing Oil Quenching Oil (Tempering Oil) Cutshrol Bitzol Zerol Refrigeration Oil 32-46-68 Hydraulic Oil 32-46-68-100-150-220 Soluble Cutting Oil Vacuum Oil High Power 2 T Engine Oil Transformer Oil-tested
Engine Oil Maltigrade Supplier in Mumbai. Engine Oil Maltigrade 20 W 40-15 W 50 Premium: High performance oils blended from high Viscosity index base stocks and potent additive package containing detergent, dispersant, antiwear, antioxidant and antifoam agents. These oils meet API CC/SC, performance levels. Zed-Plus recommended for use in Diesel & petrol Engines.
Two Stroke Engine Oil Manufacturer In Mumbai. Hi-Power 2T. Engine Oil Superior quality Two Stroke Engine Oil contains diluent to provide easy mixing with petrol, provides excellent lubrication to engine parts, is recommended for all types of two stroke engines in scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and three wheelers running on petrol. It is also suitable for small petrol engines.
Zed Plus Multigrade SAE 20W-40. Zed Plus MG Oil 20W-40 it is premium roduct with Outstanding performance. Meeting Highest Quality as per internation specification. FEATURES : High Performance Engine Oil for 4 Stroke Motorbikes & Scooters. Excellent Protection to Engine, Clutch & Gear Systems PACK SIZE : 500ml, 1ltr,
ZED-PLUS - VACUUM OIL Features : Zed Plus Vaccum Oil is a premium p r o d u c t w i t h o u t s t a n d i n g performance. Meets highest quality as per internation Specifications. Contents : This basic stock & additive package contains Detergent, dispersant, antiwear, antioxidant and anti-form