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Zed Plus Multigrade SAE 20W-40. Zed Plus MG Oil 20W-40 it is premium roduct with Outstanding performance. Meeting Highest Quality as per internation specification. FEATURES : High Performance Engine Oil for 4 Stroke Motorbikes & Scooters. Excellent Protection to Engine, Clutch & Gear Systems PACK SIZE : 500ml, 1ltr,
ZED-PLUS - VACUUM OIL Features : Zed Plus Vaccum Oil is a premium p r o d u c t w i t h o u t s t a n d i n g performance. Meets highest quality as per internation Specifications. Contents : This basic stock & additive package contains Detergent, dispersant, antiwear, antioxidant and anti-form
Our Products :- Sunizol Compressor Oil Zed Plus Greases Compressor Oil Engine Oil Maltigrade Gear Oil And Transmission Oil Two Stroke Engine Oil Gear Oil & Transmission Oils Two Stroke Engine Oils Starter Oil Heat Transfer Fluid Rubber Processing Oil Quenching Oil (Tempering Oil) Cutshrol Bitzol Zerol Refrigeration Oil 32-46-68 Hydraulic Oil 32-46-68-100-150-220 Soluble Cutting Oil Vacuum Oil High Power 2 T Engine Oil Transformer Oil-tested
Engine Oil Maltigrade Supplier in Mumbai. Engine Oil Maltigrade 20 W 40-15 W 50 Premium: High performance oils blended from high Viscosity index base stocks and potent additive package containing detergent, dispersant, antiwear, antioxidant and antifoam agents. These oils meet API CC/SC, performance levels. Zed-Plus recommended for use in Diesel & petrol Engines.