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Heat Transfer Fluid HYTHEROM 500, 600 HYTHEROM 500 & 600 is a thermic fluid designed to cover a board range of heat transfer applications. This indirect form of heating a system is widely used to achieve a better control and uniform distribution of heat.The product is characterized by the following. Excellent oxidation & chemical stability Good heat transfer properties Low volatility Non corrosive & non toxic It is used for most conventional operations & finds extensive application in the textile, pharmaceutical, chemical & processing industries.
Starter Oil Starter Oil (Transfer Oil) (Transformer Oil Tested) ZED-PLUS Transformer oil is suitable for small & big starters. ZED-PLUS Transformer oil available in 22 and 33 KVA Transformer and its equivalent. Salient Features: Dust Free & Moisture Free. Double Filter, Non Freeze Tested Precaution: Clear the oil tank before pouring Zed Transformer oil before pouring it is best to filter one time also.
Bitzol BITZOL (A product from Bitzol compressor International Germany) (DE-HYDRATED COMPRESSOR OIL FOR USE IN A/c COMPRESSOR WHICH USE 404a REFRIGERANT.) Bitzol Refrigeration oil is recommended for use with 404-a Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning application. Highmiscibility low foaming Excellent thermol stability lowfloc point, solvency & excellent compatibility.
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SUNIZOL(De-hydrated Compressor Oil for 134-A, 502-A) Sunizol is non mineral compressor oil with polyalkylene glycol of polyster (PE) Imported Lubricants.
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Zed-Plus Wheel Bearing Grease:A soda soap grease developed specially for the lubrication of universal joints & wheel bearings. It does not separate under high temperature or centrifugal force.