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Zed Plus Greases Zed – Plus: Automation Greases / M.P.Grease 2, 3These are Premium quality multi purpose automotive grease suitable for all classes of Service. M.P.2, 3 grease have higher degree of resistance to oxidation and provide protection against rusting and corrosion, These grease are recommended for water pumps, wheel bearings, chassis fittings, universal joint. In view of the high quality level these are eminently suitable for all types of passenger cars, trucks, buses & industrial machinery. Zed-Plus Wheel Bearing Grease:A soda soap grease developed specially for the lubrication of universal joints & wheel bearings. It does not separate under high temperature or centrifugal force. Zed-Plus Chassis Grease:A Calcium soap grease design for general chassis lubrication.
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