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ZED PLUS HYDRAULIC OIL 68-46-32 Zed Plus Hydraulic Oil is a general purpose hydraulic oil with the long proven reliability of Zed Plus, the quality leader in lubricants. Zed Plus Hydraulic is recommended for good all round performance in all hydraulic systems, in earthmoving and construction equipments, machine tools and heavy machinery. Zed Plus Hydraulic coil is compatible with all common construction metals and sealing materials used in hydraulic systems. Specially formulated with high quality, high viscosity, base stock, demulsifier and special additives for anti-Oxidant, anti-Rust wear resistance and Antifoaming Properties. Most Suitable for Hydraulic equipments/system. Meets quality standard of BIS : 3098-1983 Pack Size : 500ml, 1Ltr. 5Ltr
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